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Its energizing properties have always been known. Once, but it is still done today, it was customary to bring the 'ngiambelle di San Cataldo to the sick, with the hope of a speedy recovery.

Today 'ngiambelle represent the ideal dessert for breakfast, to be enjoyed together with milk or tea. Or it is very frequent the afternoon snack with the 'ngiambelle, accompanied by an excellent Sicilian passito.

Traditional Ciambell...

Traditional Ciambell...

Traditional Ciambelle


5.00€ Ex Tax: 5.00€

Ingredienti: farina di Perciasacchi, uova, zucchero di canna.Contiene glutine.VALORI NUTRIZIONALI MEDI 100GR ENERGIA 311,6 Kcal/ 1302,09 KJoule GRASSI 3,1 gr DI CUI ACIDI GRASSI SATURI 0,8gr CARBOIDRATI 77 gr DI CUI ZUCCHERI 33,16 gr FIBRA 1,2 gr PROTEINE 9,45 gr SALE 0,01 gr PESO NETTO 0,5 Kg Conse..

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